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Introduction (2.1)

ARIA (Ambiguous Restraints for Iterative Assignment) is a software for automated NOE assignment and NMR structure calculation. It speeds up and automatizes the NOE assignment process through the use of ambiguous distance restraints in an iterative structure calculation scheme. ARIA does not perform itself the structure generation: it drives the structure generation by analyzing the conformers obtained in the previous step to update the restraints and obtain a set of improved conformers. The final step of the calculation is a refinement step by molecular dynamics in explicit solvent. ARIA assess the quality of the final structure, using analyses internal to the program as well as outside tools.

The principles of ARIA are described in the following references:

General principle

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The python interface in ARIA

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Presentation of the version 2.0 of ARIA

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Correction of spin diffusion in upper bounds

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Final refinement in explicit solvent

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The set of non-bonded parameters used in ARIA

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