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Use ARIA on the RENABI grid

Process to join the community GRISBI:

  1. First step, complete the form to create your GRISBI account. It is used to connect you to the GRISBI user interface and to the reserved access web pages. In the same step you'll also be registered to the mailing list “grisbi-tous”
  2. Second step, you will have to ask the creation of an electronic certificate at the certificate autority GRID2-FR of the CNRS. It can also deliver the certificate for the other public organisms. For more information, see
  3. Last step, having your certificate in your Web browser, you can ask the subscription to the virtual organization (VO) of GRISBI, on the web page

All these steps sometimes require several days, do not wait until the last moment. In case of problems please contact us.

When all these steps are realized with success, you can access to the user interface (UI) by ssh.

You have to define a temporary proxy on the UI to execute a jobs on the grid. Copy the above PKCS#12 myCert.p12 file to the computer where you will run ARIA. Extract your certificate (which contains the public key) and the private key:

  • Certificate
openssl pkcs12 -in myCert.p12 -clcerts -nokeys -out $HOME/.globus/usercert.pem
  • To get the encrypted private key

openssl pkcs12 -in myCert.p12 -nocerts -out $HOME/.globus/userkey.pem
  • You must set the mode on your userkey.pem file to read/write only by the owner (chmod 0600 userkey.pem chmod 0644 usercert.pem).
  • To finish, you have to create the file ~/.glite/vomses/ and add this line:


"" "cclcgvomsli01.in2p3" "15010" "/O=GRID-FR/C=FR/O=CNRS/OU=CC-LYON/" ""

Delete the myCert.p12 file created above to avoid security issues.

I recommend to prepare your xml project in your personal computer before uploading it on the UI but you can do that directly on the UI and “maybe” with the ARIA GUI wih the SSH -X option. To know how to prepare your project see section Project


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