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RECOORD database

The database RECOORD (REcalculated COORdinates Database),  is an effort for recalculating proteins NMR structures in an homogeneous way, using in particular the scripts available in ARIA 1.2. RECOORD was presented in the original paper:

AJ Nederveen, JF Doreleijers, W Vranken, Z Miller, CAEM Spronk, SB Nabuurs, P Guentert, M Livny, JL Markley, M Nilges, EL Ulrich, R Kaptein and AMJJ Bonvin (2005). RECOORD: a REcalculated COORdinates Database of 500+ proteins from the PDB using restraints from the BioMagResBank. Proteins 59, 662-672. Pubmed

RECOORD contains recalculated structures for more than 500 protein entries from the Protein Data Bank (PDB). The restraint lists used for the recalculation originate from the Filtered REstraints Database (FRED) at the BioMagResBank. The recalculated coordinates are available for four sets:

  • CNS: recalculation using the CNS software
  • CNW: the CNS set refined in water environment using CNS
  • CYA: recalculation using the CYANA software
  • CYW: the CYA set refined in water environment using CNS
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